3D Design and Printing

Do your students have a great imagination? Do they love to use their hands and create? In this activity, students learn about the design and physics of objects and then get to 3D print one for themselves!

Virtual Reality

Did you know that your students could visit the White House, Grand Canyon, and Eiffel Tower all in the same day? In this activity, kids will get to travel around the world without leaving their seats. Even better? Each student will also create their own 360° experience!


Did you know that wearables are one of the fastest growing technologies in today’s market? In this activity, students will express their personality by programming their own wearable LED name tag. They will even have the opportunity to create custom, scrolling animation sequences!

Augmented Reality

Have your students been wondering how games like Pokémon Go and apps like Snapchat work? In the Augmented Reality lab, your students will experience how digital information is integrated with their own environment in real time.

Digital Photography

Do your students love taking selfies? Wouldn’t it be great if they learned the science behind their favorite pastime? During this activity, students will learn the basics of composing the best photo and how all those settings, like contrast and brightness work together to give them the best result!

Music Mixing

Do your students love music? In the Music Mixing lab, students will learn to mix music samples and create loops to produce their own songs!

Emoji Design

Do your students love texting with emojis? In the Emoji Design lab, your students will use the Vectr design program to create their very own emoji!

Coding & Game Design

Do your students love video games? In the Coding and Game Design lab, students will learn the basics of computer programming and will walk away with their very own game to share with family and friends!