STEM Activity Center

Verizon and Project Lead The Way have partnered to bring teachers, parents, and students access to K-12 STEM activities. These interactive activities expose kids to new skills like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D design and more. Access is free – all you need is a tablet, phone and/or laptop.


of teachers

explored a new way of teaching

of teachers

individualized their instruction

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increased student engagement

(Source: All Verizon STEM Activity Center data reported through Q4 2019)

Verizon Innovative Learning

Taking responsibility for our shared future means ensuring the benefits of technology are available to all. Right now, millions of students here in the U.S. are lacking the connectivity, technology and skills required for success in today’s digital economy. That’s why we’ve been working to help foster digital inclusion through a transformative education program called Verizon Innovative Learning. It’s a key part of our goal to help move the world forward for all through our Citizen Verizon plan.

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Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way provides a transformative learning experience for PreK-12 students and teachers across the U.S. and empowers students to develop in-demand, transportable knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in our rapidly evolving world. Since 2014, Verizon Innovative Learning has partnered with PLTW to ensure students have access to the Computer Science curriculum and skills they need to succeed. Through this partnership, tens of thousands of students have had the opportunity to develop in-demand computer science knowledge and skills that will serve them on any future educational and career paths they take. Today, with Verizon’s support of the STEM Activity Center, more teachers and students will have access to free online interactive STEM activities like coding, augmented reality, and 3D design.

Students can’t be what they can’t see. With partnerships like the one between PLTW and Verizon, more students can have access to hands-on activities, projects, and problems; and empowered to solve tomorrow’s challenges, through new and innovative experiences.

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